Vanilla Perfumes

Vanilla perfumes have been seducing our nose and heart for nearly 5 centuries. They are the fruit of a green orchid named "Planifolia Andrews" or "Tahitensis". Vanilla can come from Madagascar, Mexico, or Reunion Island and has seduced many perfume creators. Shampoos, shower gels, soaps, cakes, ice creams, eaux de toilette, vanilla is very represented in cosmetics. Its sweet notes plunge us into distant memories.  Vanilla can be in many olfactory families even if it is more particularly present in oriental perfumes and in floral fragrances. The trend is launched thanks to Guerlain's perfume "Shalimar", whose central note is vanilla. Later, Yves Saint Laurent created Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, where vanilla is the master of the game.  Vanilla blends very well with other fragrances where it reveals its warm, sensual and welcoming side. It knows how to be docile and indomitable at the same time. Endowed with multiple and different scents, vanilla has been able to interfere in very great perfumes such as the famous Chanel n°5 for example. It is often used as a base note. And yes, it is a note which makes the perfumes hold. Our perfume guide explains you which are the 3 notes which compose a perfume. Associated with other scents, vanilla is in turn floral, flowery, spicy, sensual, warm, fresh, woody ... Whatever the association of which it is part, vanilla remains undoubtedly an essential note in perfumery. At Bon Parfumeur, we have included vanilla in our olfactory range of orientals. Associated with sweet and strong notes, our 400 are irresistible - such as vanilla, candied plum and cedar 401. Vanilla fragrances are also excellent fresh scents for women, such as the floral fragrance 203 with vanilla, raspberry and blackberry notes.  



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