Le Jasmin

Sketching its history in India, Jasmine continues its path by taking root in the south of France, precisely in Grasse, but also in Italy and Egypt. Among two hundred existing species, creative perfumers enjoy composing with Grandiflora and Sambac Jasmine. In Grasse, which has become the world capital of perfume, the Grandiflora Jasmine represents the emblematic flower of the city, and is a symbol of its surroundings. Through the eyes of a bird - or in a more pragmatic way through a drone camera! - we see plantations of white flowers with pinkish tips, which spread their petals on liana shrubs. Colorful fields that stretch over dozens of hectares.


From the top of a tree, we can observe the patient work of harvesting at the end of summer and until the first frosts of autumn. A masterfully orchestrated score. Rising at dawn, the producers slowly fill their baskets with Jasmine until early afternoon.... taking care to prevent the sun from burning the delicate white petals. Among the many workers, our eyes rest on a woman from whom emanates a long experience and incomparable know-how. With her back bent, handling her hands with dexterity, she puts her fingers on the Jasmine and turns her hand a quarter turn. Then she gently detaches the flower from its stem, a gesture she seems to repeat over and over again. Every day, this woman picks between six and seven kilograms of Jasmine, which she then brings to the workshop where the essence of the perfume is extracted.


This essence, which has become absolute, is deposited like a precious good in the hollow of a bottle to come and deploy its effluent of Jasmine.... a respiration of the earth full of grace.


The perfumes with Jasmine scents which we appreciate :


"Jasmine" by Molinard, which celebrates the woman, both sweet and mischievous around delicate notes of Jasmine.


"A la Nuit" by Serge Lutens, which sublimates Jasmine. Its perfume is a metaphor of the night, a white night where the delicate scent of Jasmine seems to diffuse in the warm air, like a sleepwalking flower."He has only one idea in mind this Jasmine: to whiten the night! "Serge Lutens.



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