Jasmine perfumes

Nicknamed “white gold”, jasmine is unsurprisingly a very popular note in perfumery. This star-shaped flower transports us from Grasse to Egypt and then all the way to India. The flower’s scent depends on where it’s grown: it can be green, fruity or floral. Addicted to jasmine perfume? You’re going to love our exclusive fragrances! Travel to a far-flung destination... If you’re looking for a perfume for summer or to warm you up in winter, choose a perfume with solar notes. Combined with tiaré flower and hibiscus, jasmine will instantly transport you to the shade of the coconut trees!  Enjoy a brilliant breakfast Are you more of a fan of light, contemporary perfumes? Combine jasmine with neroli, white amber or bergamot. Want to find out more about how to make an eau de cologne? We’ll let you in on all our secrets!



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