What’s the difference between eau de toilette vs eau de parfum

You’ve been probably asking yourself this question a few times! Perfumes can be quite confusional sometimes...

So what's the difference eau de toilette vs eau de parfum?

First of all, a perfume is developed from raw materials transformed into a concentrate (an oil in fact) which will be later diluted in a mixture of water and alcohol. It is the percentage of concentrate used that will determine the "category" of the perfume. We will then speak of eau de parfum, eau de toilette or even eau de cologne... Indeed, the concentration of a perfume will depend on the proportion of odorous molecules, also called oils, present in a composition. Therefore, the higher the concentration of a perfume, the greater its performance (wake and longevity) will be. Attention, the holding of a perfume also depends on your skin. We tell you all about which perfume for which skin type in the section How to choose your perfume.

When a perfume is developed from a concentrate of more than 20%, it is called perfume extract. It is the noblest and most intense version that exists in perfumery. The perfume extract is the only form of perfume which makes it possible to reveal all its notes. A few drops are enough to perfume oneself with perfume extract. The trail is supremely marked and at Bon Parfumeur we advise you not to abuse it! The perfume extract is relatively rare in perfumery because it is not practical to use.

In a more modern register exist the eaux de parfum. They are perfumes which use a concentrate of raw materials located between 13% and 20%. This level of concentration allows an optimal holding of the perfume in any circumstances and offers a controlled wake. At Bon Parfumeur we have chosen to work only with eaux de parfum. Why such a choice? It is contemporary and noble. We offer you a wide range of 28 eaux de parfum to modulate according to your desires. All Nos parfumeurs are free to work on the eaux de parfum thanks to the concept of carte blanche that is left to them, in order to match their creative desires.

Even our colognes - developed by Carla Chabert and Karine Dubreuil - are highly concentrated eaux de parfum. Therefore you don't have to put a lot of colognes in a pack to smell good! The word cologne refers to the eponymous fragrance family but not to its concentration!

In addition to the perfume extract and our favorite one AKA eau de parfum, there are also eaux de toilette and eaux de cologne. The concentration of raw materials is less than 12% for the first ones and 6% for the eaux de cologne. Therefore, there is no surprise that daddy’s eau de cologne disappears at high speed!

On the other hand, our eaux de parfum - which are available in 15ml, 30ml or 100ml - last all day long and can be worn both in winter and summer, which is why we love them so much.

Generally speaking, the concentration of a perfume hides its intensity. But at Bon Parfumeur this is not quite true. Among our eaux de parfum we distinguish between fresh eaux de parfum and intense eaux de parfum. But beware, besides the quality of the perfume which will make the happiness last more or less long, other factors are to be taken into account like the way you perfumes yourself! Then how to apply perfume?

At Bon Parfumeur, you have the choice. We have developed a range of 28 fragrances among 10 different olfactory families, which adapt to your skin type and your desires! Whether amber, hesperidic, musky or woody notes, discover all the fragrance families here.



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