Our perfumers

Our collection is produced by a team of 13 top notch perfumers that reveal their talents in a unique collection of unisex fragrances. Discover their stories through their creations.

Philippe Romano

Philippe Romano was born to be a perfumer. His creations reflect the « excessive yet incredibly creative side of the 70s ». He plays with raw materials, whether woody, smoky, velvety or simply mysterious. His playful creations, 201 and 501, display the traits of the “Bon Parfumeur” « curiosity, intuition and determination ».


Alexandra Monet

Through musky and pure compositions, Alexandra Monet creates fragrances that are as reassuring as they are sensual. Inside its soft bubble, perfume is carnal and changing, much like our fragrance 101. Monet likes leathery notes, and even more, patchouli. Creating perfumes is like a game to her and Bon Parfumeur knows how to let her express both freedom and technicity.


Corinne Cachen

Corinne Cachen creates scents that are bursting with life. She’s inspired by the burning beauty of spices, by the energy of citrus and by the comfort brought by soft notes. Her perfumes come to life as she summons her greatest muse, mother Nature, the source of endless treasures, a symbol of strength and peacefulness. 203, 402, 901… Iconic fragrances with strong personalities.


Carla Chabert

For Carla Chabert, it’s always been a family affair. Despite following her father’s trade, Chabert’s work is renewing tradition. She adds touches of originality to each of her creations. Her perfumes become a mirror of her sunny personality and when she created our 003, she naturally added citrus and scents of the summer to it.


Sidonie Lancesseur

Sidonie Lancesseur favors short compositions, made out of raw materials that have been chosen with time and care. Yet the perfumes she creates for us are extremely rich. While they appear natural and simple, they are actually bold and appeal to powerful emotions. Her creations embody modernity and creative freedom, much like in 302, where she lets spices speak up.


Serge de Oliveira

Atypical. Generous. Passionate. When he creates a perfume, Serge De Oliveira can’t help but add his own « signature » to it. And we love that. The fragrances he creates combine mystery, audacity and originality and become immediately addictive (like the fragrance 903). To him, a Bon Parfumeur is someone who knows how to add a unique signature to any of the works that come from his nose. 100% bold.


Jacques Chabert

Well-known perfumer Jacques Chabert has worked for the most prestigious perfume houses: Robertet, Chanel (he created Cristalle), Naarden (now Givaudan), and Guerlain (he also created Samsara). He created 802 for us, a floral fragrance that reminds him of picking flowers in the fields when he was a child. A well-balanced and original unisex perfume, 802 is a master perfume that speaks to Chabert’s great experience.


Mylène Alran

Mylène has a passion for all sort of woody raw materials: lichen, treemoss or vetiver... She loves bold yet subtle perfumes.Nature is where she is getting her inspiration from, so is fashion and every form of art (literature, floral composition...).She believes that to become a Bon Parfumeur one would need patience and master at twisting original perfumes.


Nathalie Koobus

Both chic and sleek, the perfumes that Nathalie Koobus creates for Bon Parfumeur have a very particular atmosphere. Always creative, her compositions favor woody notes - perhaps because she has a thing for Sandalwood. Nathalie gets inspiration from everything that surrounds her. Be it interesting culinary dishes, a chance meeting or the secrets of nature… Much like the Bon Parfumeur, she is « curious about everything and willing to learn from anything ».


Karine Dubreuil-Sereni

For Bon Parfumeur, Karine Dubreuil has created several fragrances that include comforting scents. Her fragrances send us back to lovely memories, like the scent of a baby’s skin (001), or of a beach paradise (103). Dubreuil creatively marries touches of jasmine, orange blossom, citrus, mimosa, rose and produces spontaneity. To her, « Being a Bon Parfumeur is never losing one’s inner child, and keeping hold of one’s spontaneity and creativity ».


Benoit Lapouza

According to Benoit Lapouza, a Bon Parfumeur should master the art of making something original yet wearable. It’s no wonder then, that he created our fragrance 701, with its audacious touches of eucalyptus and hemp. He likes woody and flowery scents – using anything natural to create freshness and sensuality. He has the ability to shape and reinvent each scent to meet our noses‘ greatest pleasure.


Juliette Karagueuzoglou

With 702, talented IFF perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou presents a new dimension of fragrance. Juliette has the most striking laugh: beautiful, full, fleeting and lavish. Her bubbly personality is palpable and her creations resonate with this energy. Curious and compassionate Juliette embraces a city by exploring it on foot, guided and inspired by her curiosity first and foremost. It was actually on one of her personal travels that she had the idea to add incense to her creation for a new twist.


Caroline Dumur

Caroline came to perfumery through books. An original way to land in the world of perfumery ! What we like about Caroline is that she conceals many secrets, mythical ingredients, atypical formulas... but above all, her welcoming and kind nature. For Bon Parfumeur, Caroline created our Eau de parfum 106 composed of damascena rose, davana and vanilla. It's a “soft rose like in a garden”. It remind us a sunset in an oasis in the Sahara or a jog in the early hours of the morning through the gardens of Paris.



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