Perfumers often refer to 7 olfactory families. At Bon Parfumeur we can count 10...

At Bon Parfumeur we have different fragrance families for all moods and tastes.

For an ultra-fresh fragrance there is nothing better than a cologne! These are the very first perfumes we have been working on at the very beginning of 2015... The family of colognes includes perfumes that use citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, orange, yuzu, and many others... Moreover, the colognes family is one of the oldest olfactory families (just like the floral ones). It all started in the 18th century for colognes. The colognes at Bon Parfumeur are eaux de parfum with citrus notes that bring a touch of freshness in any circumstance thanks to their hesperidic notes.

If you cherish the perfume of flowers we advise you to choose your perfume among the floral fragrances. Both soft and subtle, they make us travel to the four corners of the world. It is an iconic olfactory family in perfumery and you will never be disappointed by a floral scent! As its name suggests, its sweet scent brings out the best in a flower or even a bouquet of flowers - all in one bottle! Perfumers also like to create accords from white flowers (jasmine, orange blossom, iris, tuberose), powdery flowers such as violet or even rose perfumes. At Bon Parfumeur we have given our perfumers the creative freedom to reinvent these traditional fragrances and add a modern touch to them. It is for example the case of Philippe Romano who developed our YMC spicy rose perfume.

You have understood it, even if we adore the floral notes for their timelessness, the Bon Parfumeur wants to be rebellious!

In another style exist the fruity perfumes which are also very fresh and bring much cheerfulness thanks to varied notes: apple, pear, melon, quince, blackberries, raspberries, currants... The choice is almost infinite! The fruity perfumes are perfumes based on the emotion which remind us of memories by hundreds. An afternoon with relatives, a fruit harvesting... It’s a guaranteed flashback!

For a more original perfume the category of the amber and spices perfumes will confer you a resolutely sensual allure. They are ideal perfumes for a particular occasion or an evening between girlfriends. A bit provocative, at Bon Parfumeur the amber perfumes have a place apart!

Do you know where the word "amber" comes from? In perfumery it does not come, as one might think, from the amber stone, this fossilized resin has absolutely no smell! Yes, if you can still try... The term "amber" actually refers to the warm and sweet notes extracted from the resin produced by several plants. Vanilla perfumes, for example, are highly developed amber scents. We also find benzoin and many others!

For a more pronounced character, oriental perfumes respond to warm, rich, bewitching and sometimes even sweet notes. They are created from resinous amber or smoky notes, and often present facets that are called "animal" because they evoke skin, leather... Indeed, oriental fragrances are known and appreciated for their great sensuality. The oriental olfactory family arrives late in the compositions of the French perfumes but represents today a very important part of the creations.

In a completely different register the gourmand perfumes are very addictive and recall a certain magic of yesteryear, like a pastry just out of the oven. Praline, coffee, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, candy apple, chocolate, marshmallow... It's almost time to taste! Are you more of a salty snack? It's a good thing, in the family of gourmet flavors we also find savory gourmet alternatives. In short, they are perfumes with gustatory notes, an olfactory family invented by Bon Parfumeur. Like a greediness, a not guilty pleasure that we love!


More classic, woody fragrances are also widely represented on the market. Their misogynistic history (they were long reserved for men) has finally given way to unisex notes. Widely used in perfumery, the woody notes actually "fix" the perfume in base notes. It is a technique widely used by contemporary perfumers. Woody perfumes are generally quite strong. They are made up of associations coming from various woods (sandalwood, cedar) and plants (patchouli, vetiver). It is thus possible to create opulent fragrances (with a patchouli perfume for example) or drier ones (with cedar in particular). This family is appreciated for its eternal elegance.

At Bon Parfumeur, we like to be different! This is why we have created the olfactory family of aromatic perfumes, also made from vegetable raw materials. Although sober, the aromatic fragrances bring a touch of subtlety for an absolute elegance. A blend halfway between woody and colognes, classy right?

The aromatic family includes lemony, mentholated, camphorated, aniseed and lavender notes. The olfactory alliances of the aromatic family can be thyme, star anise, chamomile, tea, tarragon, mugwort, basil, labdanum-cistus, sage, lavender, tagetes, rosemary, peppermint... So many condiments that can be used in cooking, and that work perfectly well in perfumery. Imagine eucalyptus, coriander and cypress... You have our aromatic perfume 701!


Another Bon Parfumeur creation, aquatic perfumes! The aquatic accord is very recent - appearing in the middle of the 20th century - and gives resolutely contemporary perfumes. These aquatic notes are associated with fruits, flowers, citrus fruits, herbs and woods. They are mainly used as a top note to create that vacation feeling from the very first sensations! Aquatic fragrances are particularly reminiscent of summer and warm places. They will be an ideal companion to enjoy iodized scents and sea breezes all year round.

The latest Bon Parfumeur creation (to date!): special fragrances. Made from strong and intense materials, these fragrances last a long time on all skin types and are there to accompany you all day long, without ever moving! They are perfumes with tenacious notes, which we took the liberty not to categorize to marry their originality. They are unclassifiable notes such as blond tobacco, armagnac, or nutmeg. Perfect for lovers of fragrances that stand out from the crowd!



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