How to apply perfume

Sometimes it is said that to wear perfume is to reveal a small part of your personality...

How to use your perfume and how to apply perfume depends on each person! Sometimes it is said that to wear perfume is to reveal a small part of your personality...

For us it is also a way to accompany our desires and to accompany us in any circumstance. Whether it is for a particular occasion or on a daily basis, there are small tricks easy to apply so that the perfume has an optimal hold on the skin.

It passes by small daily gestures relatively simple to apply! Coco Chanel used to say that it was necessary to perfume oneself in all the places where one wanted to be kissed... That's almost it! To leave a true wake behind you and a very good adherence of the perfume we advise you to spray your perfume on the "points of pulsation". They are quite simply the zones where the skin is very fine there, and which release heat. Among them, one counts the neck, the wrists, behind the ears, the nape of the neck, the ankles,... The articulations also represent places not to forget, because, with each movement you will make, you will release a subtle odor which will not fail to make its effect! Whether you spray on your clothes, directly on your hair or directly on your skin, the main thing is to make it a moment of pleasure.

For those who do not wish to privilege a particular area, the most common technique remains that of the cloud, i.e. to vaporize the fragrance in front of you and to pass through the cloud in order to be uniformly impregnated with it. In reality there is no real "way to put perfume on", it is you who invent your own art, according to your habits and your desires of the moment.

Spraying perfume can also be done on clothes, so that the fragrance diffuses better... but it is not advisable to put some on all textiles! Some fibres react less well than others. This is the case of synthetic fibers, which release less facets of a perfume than natural fibers! Silk, cashmere, velvet or cotton are the best friends of perfume. Thus to perfume its textiles is perfectly advised and will enable you to find a pleasant odor on your favorite pullovers (pro tip to face the winter)! It also works on sheets and household linen...

A good conservation of the perfume is also an important factor for the good behaviour of the perfume during the spraying, especially if you keep it more than one year. Light, heat and humidity are not the best friends for a good preservation of the perfume. It is therefore recommended to store your perfume in a drawer, away from humidity, light and heat... ideally! One will thus avoid preserving its invaluable bottles in the bathroom and will opt for a room with the more controlled temperature (at Bon Parfumeur we choose the refrigerator!).

The durability of a perfume also depends on our skin type but also on the weather and temperature. We tell you more in our section How to choose your perfume. Indeed, the colder it is, the more the smell of the perfume will be discreet.

As for the quantity, each one is free to put some at its suitability, it is a question of taste, of habit, and of the effect which we want to give! It is of course necessary to take into account the different fragrance families and adjust the dosage according to its concentration. We do not use an eau de cologne (3% to 6%) in the same way as an eau de parfum (7% to 20%). An eau de cologne, less concentrated and lighter, will require a more intense use than an eau de parfum. This apply as well for eau de parfum vs eau de toilette. In order to ensure a good diffusion it is advised not to anticipate your day too much and to renew the application as much as necessary throughout the day. Our travel size Parfums are also made for that!

The way to perfume yourself is personal, and there is no wrong way to do it. All that counts is the pleasure you feel doing it, and the pleasure of wearing perfume.



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