4 candles, 4 diffusers, 4 fragrances, 4 stories!

They were not born at random these 4 very singular perfumes! Follow the guide if you want to know everything about their story! 

Candle 01: basil, fig leaves, and mint

Perfumers like to work with fig leaves for their green, woody notes, with powerful fig accents. This creates a very natural effect, without adding any fruity notes to the overall scent.


Candle 02: coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaves

Coriander seed is one of the oldest spices in the world! Its smell is peppery, zesty, lavender + a touch of chocolate. The actual herb is not used in perfumery.


Candle 03: patchouli, leather, tonka bean

No, there is no actual leather in this candle! It is the olfactory idea of ​​leather. We achieve this by using natural ingredients such as burnt birchwood for example! The ingredients depend on the specific type of leather you have in mind... think light suede versus raw leather...


Candle 04: smoked black tea, artemisia, birch

Lapsang Souchong, which means “little leaves of the original mountain”, is a black tea that is smoked with the wood of a resinous tree. This is why our candle 04 gives off very unique smoky notes which are at once intimate and comforting.

The nose behind these wonders? Karine Dubreuil Sereni, creator of 3 perfumes for the house! And the last and fourth one, we owe it to Pierre Aulas. Two artists linked by two passions: scents and singing .... The continuation in the next episode (you never know... the family of candles will perhaps increase?)



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