Olfactive family 300 = Amber and spices 🌶️

The amber and spices family is the "red" family with numbers in the 300s. Our perfumes are arranged by numbers, much like a perfumer would arrange tests in their workshop. Amber brings us back to the olfactory idea of ​​ambergris and notes of vanilla.

Spices can either be hotter or cooler. Perfumers use fresh and effervescent notes to build the foundation for their creations, and warmer tones to develop the heart and body of perfumes.


301 - A cool spiced sandalwood & a hot collab.

The 301 is the first creation of the amber and spices family. Does its assertive character catch your eye? Let yourself be captivated by the amber and spicy scent of this perfume. Sweet, warm, and intoxicating, the essence of sandalwood is at the heart of this composition and the rich hint of an old whiskey barrel lingers. Together with Carne Bollente, we have chosen the 301 because of its strong character. We love this ultra positive, fun, and refreshing collab. Now it's time for you to discover the little details in the screen-printed design on the bottle.


302 - An ultra musky amber

It starts with a sharp and spicy opening that’s led by Red Berries. The Iris sets fire to the powdery tones while revealing its dark floral facets with a velvety touch. Vanilla and Incense reveal dense and velvety notes. The heart ignites and raises the temperature. Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk harmonize and balance each other to bewitch us with their warm and balmy tones. Admit it, you’re dying to smell it, aren’t you?


303 - A spicy amber

A signature fragrance based on natural raw materials full of character! Like a bewitching ballet of spices, the 303 allows pepper and chili to dance in the lead roles. The notes of benzoin are vibrant and leave an intensely sensual scent on the skin… For Sidonie Lancesseur, the creator of 303: “her perfumes are the materialization of her emotions and memories.” Michel Almairac (an important name in perfumery), inspired Lancesseur’s taste for short formulas.

Another little anecdote? Chili is one of the main notes of 303…and legend has it that Napoleon's troops put chili in their boots to keep their feet warm during the retreat from Moscow!


Fragrances with strong characters that layer sensual spices on your skin!




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