Rose Perfumes

Perfumery abounds in an infinity of floral scents, yet if there were only one symbol of floral perfumes, it would be the rose perfumes. It has been used since antiquity and is very much appreciated for its sweet, intense and suave scent. It is also a fresh and chic scent. Who better than the rose to embody love and passion? Rose fragrances are among the oldest in the world. Rose water, which is the first form of rose perfume, appeared among the Berbers in the first century B.C. Much more recently Chanel's perfume "Coco Mademoiselle" appeared as an emblematic rose perfume with the rose as the top note. Our perfumers like to work with two different types of roses. The Rosa damascena, mainly known as the "rose of Damascus" and the Rosa centifolia (the May rose). The centifolia rose found in the Grasse country is special, unique, powerful and delicate. The Damascena rose (lien vers article de journal sur la rose), is a rose cultivated mainly in Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey. We find it in our rose perfume 101. Whether it is one or the other, we love their powdery, soft and subtle smell! At Bon Parfumeur, rose perfumes are part of the fresh scents. Very often associated with the woman, rose perfumes are addressed today as well to the men as to the women. It is for example the case of our intense eau de parfum with the spicy rose YMC. All our creations are deliberately gender neutral and can be worn by everyone according to their desires. The important thing is to choose a perfume which corresponds to you! At Bon Parfumeur, there is no rule, we tell you everything in our perfume guide.


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