Nathalie Koobus

The region where Nathalie Koobus grew up inspired her love of perfumery from an early age. It wasn’t any old region: she lived near Grasse! She has worked as a perfumer for Fragrances Essentielles for 10 years now. Her inspiration? A great meal with family or friends, nature and raw materials. The natural world is a constant source of ideas for her. Her scents are stylish and minimalist: that’s what she loves about Bon Parfumeur. She believes a good perfumer must be curious about everything and learn constantly! She showcases her passion for sandalwood in most of her woody and amber perfumes.

Nathalie Koobus has created 5 perfumes for Bon Parfumeur.

Perfume 102  is a delicate blend of powdery, mellow and gentle scents. You’ll find notes of tea, cardamom and mimosa in it. 301 is spicier, intense and sensual with its notes of sandalwood, cardamom and amber.

Perfume 401 has warm and spicy notes with cedar, candied plum and vanilla. 601 offers notes of vetiver, cedar and bergamot. This explosion of tangy citrus gives way to beautiful vetiver with its elegant earthy notes!

Perfume 602  combines pepper, cedar and patchouli for a spicy, woody scent with ocean accents. A fresh yet sunny fragrance.


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