Sandalwood perfumes

When we think of the perfumes based on sandalwood, it comes to us immediately at the head of the small incense sticks. Sandalwood belongs to the category of trees with perfume or aromatic woods such as rosewood, cinnamon bark and cedars. Known for more than 4000 years, sandalwood comes from a small tree native to tropical Asia, particularly southern India. Sandalwood gives off a woody scent, velvety, warm, sensual, even slightly animal. Sandalwood perfumes generally hold very well on the skin. For a long time synonymous with masculinity, sandalwood is also used today in more feminine fragrances to bring a modern side thanks to the woody notes or as a reinforcement of certain powdery notes. Sandalwood is used in several olfactory families with different results. At Bon Parfumeur, we have several perfumes around Sandalwood. We find for example a creamy and warm sandalwood in our YMC spicy rose perfume or in our oriental vanilla and caramel 402 perfume. Finally, sandalwood is represented among the amber and spicy perfumes in our eau de parfum 301 and our eau de parfum 302.



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