Scented Soaps (200g)

Scented soaps

Brand new: Bon Parfumeur has launched a new body line with scented soaps and hand creams. Environmentally friendly, clean formulas and gentle on the skin: what more could you want? Our iconic perfumes are now available for you to enjoy as soap bars! There’s just one question: which one will you go for first?

Solid soap: rediscover your favorite Bon Parfumeur scents.

The Scented Soap 003 yuzu, violet leaves and vetiverSummer has arrived on the Amalfi coast. As you lie on a lounger, the sun’s rays gently caress your skin. A waiter brings you a zesty cocktail, made with lemons from the hotel’s garden. A quick dip in the pool will provide the ultimate refreshment now...
The Scented Soap 101: rose, sweet pea and white cedarThe day begins in Paris... As you wake up, the sun’s rays come through the shutters of your apartment. On the balcony, a bouquet of roses and a glass of wine remain on the table, a reminder of an evening spent putting the world to rights.
The Scented Soap 801:  sea spray, cedar and grapefruitAfter a day’s sailing on a yacht to explore the quiet coves of the Mediterranean coast, it’s time to return to dry land. On the beach, friends are waiting for you to enjoy a drink: the sound of a guitar, a light breeze from the sea and the sea spray transport you... 


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