Serge de Oliveira

Despite his unusual career path, Serge never lost sight of his passion for perfume. The great perfumers Richard Ibanez and Michel Almairac trusted him and welcomed him to Robertet. His must-have ingredients are vetiver, patchouli and tuberose.

Everyday life, family, socializing, travel, art: his sources of inspiration are endless! His most beautiful memory of scent? The tuberose harvest in Grasse: heaven on earth! He believes that a good perfumer is “someone who is passionate and shares a little bit of personality and an original signature with every perfume”. Inspiring, right? His own signature style combines mystery, originality and innovation.

Serge De Oliveira is the creative force behind our Eau de Parfum 903. You’ll find Nepal berries, saffron and oud in it. Erotic and mysterious, this perfume is an intriguing blend of fresh and warm notes. The sophisticated heart notes are combined with notes of tonkin musk and cashmere wood. The wonderfully woody base notes create a vibrant and almost magnetic scent, electrifying body and soul. Give it a try!



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