Sidonie Lancesseur

Sidonie learned to create perfumes with concise formulas while working with Michel Almairac at Robertet. That was almost 20 years ago!

Sidonie celebrates elegance and natural authenticity with each of her creations. Her definition of perfumery? The embodiment of emotions and personal experiences. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be transported by your incredible memories. For her, Bon Parfumeur symbolizes modernity and creative freedom with its focus on the most incredible raw materials.

Sidonie Lancesseur is inspired by her happy memories to create iconic fragrances. She loves vetiver, patchouli and rose. She created Perfume 302 with amber, iris and sandalwood. She also created another incredible scent: Perfume 303 with its notes of pink berries, benzoin and chili pepper. It’s super spicy!



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