3 candles, 3 atmospheres (To be continued ...)

For everyone, last year has been quite… unique (to put it lightly). For the Bon Parfumeur family, we have kept curfews, canceled trips, worked from home …but that’s not all! These long months have also been a time of creativity and novelty: we’ve developed our 702 (incense, lavender, and cashmere wood) and most excitingly… our three scented candles (the first in a long series, hehe)!

The idea behind our little candles? To capture our fragrant universe in pretty objects that allow you to experience our signature scents at home. These bewitching scents transport you to your favorite places, bring a sense of comfort and match with all atmospheres: this is our promise!

Like our fragrances, our candles are made with natural and cruelty free ingredients. Made from a mixture of vegetable and mineral wax, they were imagined by our star perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, a child from the South for whom her job results in “curiosity, sincerity, and knowing how to transpose memories of childhood ”.

For a dinner in Provence

Imagine yourself in a country house in the Lubéron. The light is low, the children are still playing and running in the garden. The adults sip rosé, and the little ones greedily drink minted water. Nine o’clock. Dinner time ! The in-house foodie brings the amazing fig and burrata duo to the table. We laugh, it's noisy, we're a little full but everyone is happy. Anyway, who wouldn’t be? It's summer.

This warm evening belongs to our candle 01. With notes of basil, mint, and fig leaves, it is THE candle for the summer, or at least how we want to remember it …

For an evening with friends

Fall. A dozen friends meet for dinner. Each had a mission (of the utmost importance): one to bring the cheese, another the wine, someone else the dessert... We sit down at the table, taking our time. Between courses, some light a cigarette. We linger, chatting, laughing and then it's time for the last metro. Goodbyes that drag on and then ...dead calm. There is only the wake of the evening left behind: tobacco, dessert and that satisfied feeling of a good night.

This familiar dinner story is the one told by our candle 02. Mixing coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaves, this candle warms the atmosphere in an instant.

For a Sunday spent cocooning at home

It's raining, it's cold. You have no desire to do anything ... It's Sunday, so nothing requires your attention. A long bath, resting in the water until you see your fingers begin to wrinkle. You order some junk-food for lunch and nestle into your favorite armchair in front of the TV.

Our candle 03 is made to match these lazy days. Made from an ultra relaxing cocktail that’s based on patchouli, leather and tonka bean, it knows how to soothe the heart.

If you had to dream of a 4th Bon Parfumeur candle... what would it look like? Stay tuned, you never know what's coming next ;) !

(To be continued ...)



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