Cedar perfumes

Cedar wood has been known for centuries for its fragrant properties. It is a sacred wood for many cultures. Cedar is a coniferous tree native to North Africa, the Himalayas and the Middle East. Like oriental perfumes, cedar has a powerful, strong and imposing scent. It can live up to 2000 years! Nowadays, woody scents are widely used. At Bon Parfumeur, we love them! So we developed the olfactory family of woody scents, and two of the three woody scents are cedar scents. They are fresh and intense fragrances. Our vetiver eau de parfum 601 also contains cedar, as does our pepper fragrance 602.  They bring elegance and structure to the perfume. Cedar, in this case, is one of the favorite woods of the perfumers because it is at the origin of a note which gives resonance and a certain depth to the fragrance. It can therefore be mixed with all olfactory families. They are found for example in our grapefruit fragrance 801 which is part of the aquatic olfactory family or our rose 101 fragrance which is part of the floral olfactory family. The durability of the cedar note is also to be underlined because it lasts in time and can pass through the top note to the bottom note of the fragrance. Woody fragrances are generally intense perfumes, such as our amber perfume 301 or our plum perfume 401. The smell of cedar is one of them and is dry, green, resinous... We could almost compare it to the smell of the pencil, olfactory very similar. Before, the cedar was synonymous with masculinity, today the cedar also makes its place within more feminine perfumes as well as perfumes with vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.


Moreover, if you are a little lost on the perfumes notes and the various olfactive families, don't panic, we have created a perfume guide to help you choose your perfume




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