Patchouli perfumes

The perfumes around patchouli belong to the olfactory family of the chypre. They are at the heart of oriental perfumes and know how to be dark and sensual as well as soft and fresh. This plant with the earthy, woody, and camphorated character belongs to the perfumers favorites. It is ours as well, since we have developed three patchouli perfumes.  First of all we find patchouli as a base note in our perfume of the gourmet olfactory family: the eau de parfum 501. In bottom note always, the patchouli answers present in our intense perfume of the specials olfactory family: the eau de parfum 901. Finally, our woody eau de parfum 602 contains patchouli for a more intense perfume.  Addictive, sensual and powerful, patchouli perfumes know how to distinguish themselves. They are part of the intense perfumes. It is difficult to describe the smell of patchouli. Some see a small touch of cocoa in it, others smell like an over-ripe apple or a cork of wine. In any case, it is difficult to stick a precise label on it, which is undoubtedly what makes the charm of patchouli essence! 



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