Eau de senteur, a fragrance for little ones

In the world of perfumery, every fragrance is unique. To make a perfume, it’s important to choose the notes carefully.  The concentrations must be carefully adjusted, depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance. Bon Parfumeur has chosen to create balanced perfumes so that your everyday signature scent is intense yet light. Consequently, all Bon Parfumeur’s fragrances are unisex eaux de parfum. It’s up to you to choose the right fragrance to reflect who you are.

A signature scent for children

Some people may find it surprising that young children can wear perfume. Yet eaux de senteur for babies have been developed for their delicate skin. Containing no alcohol, these fragrances can be worn every day and awaken children’s sense of smell. They are designed to evoke childhood and enhance babies’ delicate natural scent. Their notes are always very fresh, gentle and light. Eaux de senteur often contain notes of talcum powder, a musky base and subtle flowers.

What do eaux de senteur for babies contain?

These light scents are made with low-dose perfume concentrate and a solvent that replaces the alcohol. The texture of these eaux de senteur may therefore be less liquid than eaux de parfum for adults, such as those by Bon Parfumeur, and may resemble a fluid cosmetic product. Moreover, the regulations for these fragrances are very strict. Some natural ingredients cannot be included in eaux de senteur for babies to protect young children from any risk of an allergic reaction. For example, citrus fruit cannot be used in eaux de senteur. The fragrance should not be sprayed directly onto a newborn’s skin; instead, it should be sprayed onto the clothing they wear. At Bon Parfumeur, the perfume concentrations are balanced and the ingredients used are always very healthy. 

And for older children?

While eaux de senteur are ideal for babies and small children, they’re also suitable for teens and adults. However, more mature children who want a scent with real character should opt for an eau de toilette, an eau de cologne, an eau de parfum or perfume extracts. Say goodbye to childhood memories and say hello to more powerful notes. To express themselves, they should choose an eau de parfum that reflects who they are. Intense but light, fruity or flowery and full of personality, an eau de parfum will reveal their personal style. Take Bon Parfumeur’s Eau de Parfum 103, tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus, for example. With its floral notes that smell like sunshine and the beach, this fragrance is ideal for wearing every day. Sprayed directly on their skin, it will transport them to days spent lounging by the pool, watching the sun set and chatting endlessly with friends on long summer evenings. That’s unless they want to wear an eau de parfum with even more captivating notes, such as Bon Parfumeur’s Eau de Parfum 303, chilli pepper, pink berry and benzoin. The spicy mixture of pepper, chili and cardamom is sure to shake things up. They can even create their own perfumes by combining two Bon Parfumeur fragrances. 

While an eau de senteur is an ideal signature scent for little ones, Bon Parfumeur’s eaux de parfum are a real must-have. With their fresh, balanced fragrances that are full of character, they’re perfect for young and old alike, from adolescence onwards. Simply treat yourself to an eau de parfum that reflects who you are or combine two scents to create your own unique signature scent.



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